Some comments from children we have worked with (in their own words):

I liked dropping the tablet and I want to say sorry to Kate for being nasty.

I liked the part where you wrote a person you wanted to forgive becauseit took the weight off me.

My favourite one was owning up in the prayer.

I want to do it again please!

I didn't believe in God before i came in here, but I do now.

The journey was fun and i relly enjoyed it. My favourite part was when you

could rip up a piece of chain and free people from rules. I also liked activity

2 because it showed a good message through the way people eat and drink.

The journey made me feel a bit scared and sad for all those children who

are dying but also I am fankfell for having a safe country.

First I would like to say thankyou my favoriot part was when we played with the sand because

i now know how noared people get without toys to play with. Thanks you

I liked all of my time in here but my favourot part was when I had to choose

what toy would hurt me most to do without.

I enjoyed getting to plant the flower and help creat more life on earth.

I think it was the seed part. it changed me.

I really liked the light show because it made me really believe in gods wonder and his love.

I really had to think hard it has been really goodand i've learned a lot and it was lovely quite peaceful.